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Posted: September 5, 2012 in Pet Adoption
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Rusty wants you all to know there are still kitties lookin for a forever home out there. These two were up for adoption at one of the Williamsburg, VA pet stores. Since Rusty was adopted he knows how sad and lonely it is to live in one of these cages and he doesn’t want his kitty friends to go through that same thing any longer than needed. So if you have the space and time and the love to give, go get a kitty!



Adopt a Purr

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Pet Adoption
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Rusty decided that he didn’t want his picture up today. Instead he wanted to show you the other kitties nearby that are up for kitty adoption. He is a big advocate for this because that is how he found his forever home. He was nearly in Atlanta Georgia and we drove all the way down from Chattanooga, TN to adopt him. He looked so sad that day in that big cage. Just like some of these kitties look sad. So Rusty says if you have the interest then there are probably pet shelters or pet adoption sites near you too. Here are pics of Rusty’s buddies that he wants people to adopt around here. 🙂 He seems to think that if he puts up pictures like this then maybe one of his buddies out here in a lonely cage somewhere may get adopted sometime soon.








Rusty giving Jim the sniff test. Jim got him first. I like how he has his ears back, still listening to the stuff going on in that noicy pet store. LOL! 😛

Seems like Jim passed the sniff test!

Then I got him and he was kind of wanting down and a little freaked out. There were lots of noises and people in that place and I think he was sort of scared.

Here he was trying to crawl up my shoulder and who knows what.

Then I passed him back to Jim and got his attention and got this cute picture. This is one of my favorite pics of Jim and Rusty. Rusty’s eyes were pretty much the color of Jim’s shirt (they have changed now though) in this picture. 🙂

Following this picture we started signing papers and handing over cash and stuffing our “orange striped golden retriever” into the pet carrier and was prepared for a very noisy long 2 hour trip back to Chattanooga with our lively new possession.

Meeting Rusty.

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Pet Adoption, Rusty

After taking the two pics in the previous post, just outside of the Petsmart store, we made our way into the store, quite quickly I might add, and went up to the cages of animals. This is where we met Rusty. You can see some of his litter mates in there with him. You can also see that his little whiskers were broken off in places. LOL! I guess he had his fair share of baths up to this day, and one just the night before. Even though there were others in the cage with him, I just knew that this one was him, even after only seeing those 3 pictures (the first post on this blog) I knew this was him.

As we were poking our fingers into the cage, taking pictures, and talking to Rusty, a lady came up to us and greeted us and was all smiley and nice, she said that unfortunately Rusty was being held for someone and that he wasn’t able to be adopted today since others were coming for him. We told her it was us, that we were the ones coming for him, that we had been the ones emailing and making plans to come get him!! She was all smiles again and asked if we wanted to hold him. Of course!

Adoption Day! 7-2-10!

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Pet Adoption, Rusty, Us

Here we are at the Petsmart in Hiram Georgia ready to go in and meet our Rusty. These pics were taken only moments before we met the lil yella fella!

Before us…

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Pet Adoption, Rusty

We found Rusty online at Jennifer’s Pet Rescue; which is, according to their website “a no-kill, not-for-profit, animal rescue organization.” They also have a WEBSITE if you are interested in seeing where Rusty came from. These 3 pictures are the pictures that we saw of Rusty online in the “pets for adoption” area that I had stumbled upon. Of course by the time we got to him, he had been overlooked many times and had had weekly baths (which left his fur thin on his body) to ensure that he was clean each Saturday at the Petsmart in Hiram, Georgia where he was “showcased” again and again. Thankfully nobody else wanted him because apparently we wanted him. 🙂

I had always wanted a bobtail cat and I have a soft spot for little yellow kitties. Rusty had both of these qualities. I loved this picture of him in somebody else’s unfinished room here. It is kind of a sad little room because it is unfinished and that makes it look kind of dreary and sad in itself. Yet in the midst of this dark room was a golden spark of a kitten. We didn’t know much about Rusty other than the fact that he was found with his litter mates somewhere and were not wanted. We do know that he spent these early days in this home with kind caretakers who also owned a golden retriever. We really think that Rusty thinks he is a golden retriever as well! LOL!


So we made contact, asked the people to please hold him for us since we would be driving down (to nearly Atlanta Georgia) 2 hours one way from Chattanooga, TN to sign, pay for, and take this wad of lightning home with us. 😛

And that is the story of how Rusty became a wanted kitty.