Adopt a Purr

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Pet Adoption
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Rusty decided that he didn’t want his picture up today. Instead he wanted to show you the other kitties nearby that are up for kitty adoption. He is a big advocate for this because that is how he found his forever home. He was nearly in Atlanta Georgia and we drove all the way down from Chattanooga, TN to adopt him. He looked so sad that day in that big cage. Just like some of these kitties look sad. So Rusty says if you have the interest then there are probably pet shelters or pet adoption sites near you too. Here are pics of Rusty’s buddies that he wants people to adopt around here. 🙂 He seems to think that if he puts up pictures like this then maybe one of his buddies out here in a lonely cage somewhere may get adopted sometime soon.







  1. Oh Rerster!! You’re my hero, Rerster!! I want ALL teh kittehs!!!

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