Holding Rusty for the first time.

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Pet Adoption, Rusty, Us


Rusty giving Jim the sniff test. Jim got him first. I like how he has his ears back, still listening to the stuff going on in that noicy pet store. LOL! 😛

Seems like Jim passed the sniff test!

Then I got him and he was kind of wanting down and a little freaked out. There were lots of noises and people in that place and I think he was sort of scared.

Here he was trying to crawl up my shoulder and who knows what.

Then I passed him back to Jim and got his attention and got this cute picture. This is one of my favorite pics of Jim and Rusty. Rusty’s eyes were pretty much the color of Jim’s shirt (they have changed now though) in this picture. 🙂

Following this picture we started signing papers and handing over cash and stuffing our “orange striped golden retriever” into the pet carrier and was prepared for a very noisy long 2 hour trip back to Chattanooga with our lively new possession.

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