Meeting Rusty.

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Pet Adoption, Rusty

After taking the two pics in the previous post, just outside of the Petsmart store, we made our way into the store, quite quickly I might add, and went up to the cages of animals. This is where we met Rusty. You can see some of his litter mates in there with him. You can also see that his little whiskers were broken off in places. LOL! I guess he had his fair share of baths up to this day, and one just the night before. Even though there were others in the cage with him, I just knew that this one was him, even after only seeing those 3 pictures (the first post on this blog) I knew this was him.

As we were poking our fingers into the cage, taking pictures, and talking to Rusty, a lady came up to us and greeted us and was all smiley and nice, she said that unfortunately Rusty was being held for someone and that he wasn’t able to be adopted today since others were coming for him. We told her it was us, that we were the ones coming for him, that we had been the ones emailing and making plans to come get him!! She was all smiles again and asked if we wanted to hold him. Of course!

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