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Rusty’s favorite toys are strings. He will pull them all around the house and in and through he legs of tables and chairs and pretty much anything including around our legs. After we moved to Virginia this month from Tennessee we gave him this big piece of rope and he loves it!


Rusty loves an empty toilet paper bag!!


Rusty is awesome!

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Chattanooga Home, Rusty

You knew that right?


Rusty used to love looking for his lizard friend when we lived in Tennessee. He would get so excited that his little nubbin of a tail would move back and forth and he would claw at the window trying to reach his lizard. Since we have moved to Virginia he has found new things to watch out the windows. Here he has squirrel friends, stray cat friends, people, bugs, and birds to watch. There is a basketball court out the back window and he will sit for hours watching the kids playing basketball. Too bad his lizard friend couldn’t move up here with us! 🙂