Angry Watermelon

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Picking on Rusty, Rusty
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Once upon a time…


“This story still creeps me out” (a story told by Rusty)


“one day my owners brought home a new pet. It was green and I knew it was going to be trouble when it jumped up on the couch beside of me.”


“I told the green pet that I was king of the house and he could get used to me being number one.”


“Then I scolded my owner for trying to replace me with a faceless ugly green pet.”


“how can you crazy people bring this green ugly faceless beast home and let it sit on MY couch!? I am SO angry!!”


*whispers* “This is the scary part!”


“I was sitting on my floor and just enjoying the carpet under my feet…”


” and I heard a sloshing rolling sound accompanied by heavy breathing and growls and low grumbles. It was right behind me and I knew it was out to get me. My owners had left me to fend for myself against the ugly green beast without a face!”


“I slowly turned to look… And it had a face!!!! And it was angry mad!!!!”


“I was terrified!”


“it ran at me and tried to strangle me!!”


“so I bit its hands!!!”


“then it knocked me down!”


“there was no escape!!”


” just then I saw it had a tail and I knew that it had to be its weakness for I don’t have a tail and I am a mighty warrior!”


“I clamped down on its tail with my sharp teeth and the green beast let out a bloodcurdling scream and ran away from me. I knew I was once again the king of the house!”


“the best part!? I overheard my owners talking about eating the green beast! Yes, my place in this home is once again secure and life is wonderful here!! Purrrrrr!!!”

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  1. cupcakesakura says:

    oh my word this is a cute overload =^_^=

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