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Pee No More!

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Sabrina
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Our ancient Sabrina is not allowed to be out of her big dog crate unless she is being held or unless she is in a room without carpet and that leaves the bathroom and the kitchen and I don’t want to clean up a cat pee mess in the kitchen…. Soooo, she is thrown into the bathroom with a litter box now and then or left in her crate. We can’t afford to have her peeing all over the carpet. The vet checked her and she doesn’t have a uti, so she is ok. We then got the idea to throw a pet diaper on her and let her out and let her walk around a bit. Here she is with a diaper and a waterproof diaper cover. She hated it. She was shoving her back legs in and trying to pull it off. She was also dragging her body to try to pull it off. Stay tuned in a day or so to see how I fixed that problem. 🙂 Meanwhile here’s pics of her in her stylish diaper.












Cat in a Cage

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Sabrina
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Sabrina the kitty that pees everywhere and now lives in a cage is actually growing quite fond of her cage. When we open the door to get her out or to let her go into he (no carpet on the floor) bathroom she will just stand in the cage with the door open and rub her face all over the opened cage door. We usually get impatient and shove her out and towards the bathroom. She likes to sit on the back of the toilet lid in the bathroom. I up an old towel out on the back of the toilet do she could have it to sleep on while in there. She is never left on the bathroom for more than 2 hours due to her pee issues. She has never peed outside of her very own personal cat litter box in her cage. She will also run to the cage door as of she wants in and we open it and she’ll go in. Weird cat!!

Sabrina and her fish.

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Fish, Sabrina
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Sabrina likes to climb on top of the fishtank and dip her crusty old paw in and lick the fish water off. I giver her clean water daily but she is never happy. We have two bowls of water in two different rooms. She also will drink water from the tub or try to get it out of the toilet if we accidentally leave the lid up. I was soaking in a tub of hot water trying to ease this spider bite on my leg the other evening and she comes waltzing in and hangs over the edge of the tub dippin her long nasty cat tongue into my hot bath water. I really expected her to fall in face first because in her old age she is kind of a klutz. I’ve seen her fall off the edge of the tub before but that was when it was empty. Anyway I thought she was looking real proud of herself up on the fishtank stealing fish water so I took this picture to share on here.

Angry Sabrina

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Sabrina
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Long story short is that my hubby cut his hand and had to have stitches. He was not allowed to get them wet for 48 hours so we would wrap his hand in plastic grocery bags during his shower afterwards we would leave the bags in the sink to dry. Well Sabrina found them in the sink and made a nice kitty sink hideout and when I came to ask her what she was doing in the sink she gave me her typical crab glare and then yawned out of boredom. She is such a particular cat.



Guest Cat

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Sabrina, Us, Williamsburg Home
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This cat needed to have a human cat pick on it. This is Sabrina. She is 15 or so and has hyperthyroidism and is medicated for it. She came with my hubby when I decided I should keep him as my own. 🙂 Prior to this pic she was trying to sneak up to my glass of water on the end table to drink it. That is why she needed to be harassed. I don’t share my drinks with any critters! 😛


Exploring His New Home

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Chattanooga Home, Rusty, Sabrina
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Here is Rusty right out of the carrier box. As you can see, our pictures had not been put up on the walls yet for we had moved into this apartment only the month before and we were still kind of living out of boxes and slowly unpacking. Rusty found all of these boxes to be a fun playground of sorts.

Sabrina wondering what in the world we brought home THIS time… and so soon after the trauma of having to move from Cleveland TN to Chattanooga TN just the month before.

Rusty meeting the fish.