Pee No More!

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Sabrina
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Our ancient Sabrina is not allowed to be out of her big dog crate unless she is being held or unless she is in a room without carpet and that leaves the bathroom and the kitchen and I don’t want to clean up a cat pee mess in the kitchen…. Soooo, she is thrown into the bathroom with a litter box now and then or left in her crate. We can’t afford to have her peeing all over the carpet. The vet checked her and she doesn’t have a uti, so she is ok. We then got the idea to throw a pet diaper on her and let her out and let her walk around a bit. Here she is with a diaper and a waterproof diaper cover. She hated it. She was shoving her back legs in and trying to pull it off. She was also dragging her body to try to pull it off. Stay tuned in a day or so to see how I fixed that problem. 🙂 Meanwhile here’s pics of her in her stylish diaper.












  1. Ken McFetridge says:

    Oh shooooot!! She wears purple so well!

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