Spotted Nose

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Picking on Rusty, Rusty
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This cat came without spots! I want a refund! Lol!! When we adopted him from down in Georgia he had a perfectly clean nose. Now he has sprouted nose spots!!! Lol!!! They are all up his nose and in his mouth and around his gums. My cat is a moldy cat! The only thing he came with was a Tattoo on his belly. A green line of a tattoo that makes him feel like a pirate. He has this green line to show he was neutered so any future docs won’t try to chop into him again, as if they couldn’t tell by looking under his non existing tail that he was neutered. That’s odd that my cat has a tattoo AND nose spots. The nose spots are kind of like freckles and appear on the nose and mouth area of cats sometimes. I looked it up. I forget the proper term so I will settle on nose spots. When he’s an old cat maybe his nose will be all black and he will have random pink unspotted spots!





  1. Ken McFetridge says:

    Oh shoooooooooot!!! I still lubbz you Rerster!

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