Stray Bush Lurker

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Looking Outside, Rusty, wildlife
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Rusty makes sure that all the strays know just how vicious he is. When they are busy sleeping outside the window in the bushes he makes sure he paws at the window for hours and that he runs from one window to the other. He makes sure to twitch his nubbin of a tail and he makes sure all stray/feral cats are aware that he is in charge of all things by pawing at the window and them glaring at them and pawing the window some more. His poor stray kitty was so terrified that she just fell over in a feel sleep over her concern I the mighty warrior and home protector Rusty. Lol. Seriously she didn’t care at all about him or me in be window taking pics. She looked and then went back to sleep. 🙂 Rusty watches all of our stray apartment cats. Why he was even watching a take home coke cup that some loser left lying in the parking area out there. He sure did watch that cup all day. Lol!! He had that lil short nubbin of a tail twitching too! Hahaa!










  1. christine says:

    He definitely has that “i’m not messin’ around!!!” face.

  2. Ken McFetridge says:

    Oh Rerster!!!! What a guardian…. a bastion of safety!

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