Cat in a Cage

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Sabrina
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Sabrina the kitty that pees everywhere and now lives in a cage is actually growing quite fond of her cage. When we open the door to get her out or to let her go into he (no carpet on the floor) bathroom she will just stand in the cage with the door open and rub her face all over the opened cage door. We usually get impatient and shove her out and towards the bathroom. She likes to sit on the back of the toilet lid in the bathroom. I up an old towel out on the back of the toilet do she could have it to sleep on while in there. She is never left on the bathroom for more than 2 hours due to her pee issues. She has never peed outside of her very own personal cat litter box in her cage. She will also run to the cage door as of she wants in and we open it and she’ll go in. Weird cat!!

  1. brinnmar says:

    That’s what happens to pee kittehs….

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