Stung by a Bee

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Rusty, Sleeping Kitty
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Rusty takes up the whole couch. He stretches out as far as he possibly can. He likes to look like a big kitty.


Here he is next to our DVD player remote. He was like “hey! I was sleeping here!” The poor guy found and tried to eat a small metallic green bee. The bee stung him in the mouth so we stayed home and made sure he was going to be ok. He kept licking at his face and pawing his face and swallowing. Right after he got stung he jumped straight up in the air and pawed at his mouth and face and looked freaked out and shook his head a lot and licked a lot. I got rid of the bee. So here he was sleeping a bit after being stung but I kept feeling his neck and face for swelling so he didn’t get to sleep much.


Although this pic was blurry I was glad for his overly huge half bobcat mouthed yawn here so I could check the pic and see if there was any redness or anything from his bee sting. That’s one mighty vicious looking kitty mouth!! He is such a big cat.


But he really is a very sweet kitty with the most awesome and laid back personality. I am so glad he is our kitty!!


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